Ryan Fraser

Certified Personal Trainer Ryan Fraser has been in the fitness field since 2010.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Massachusetts in Boston with a concentration in Fitness Instruction.  Ryan also has a Personal Training Certification with ISSA and ACE, as well as a Group Fitness Certification and a Functional Flexibility Certification through SCW Fitness.  Ryan has worked at Arlington Health and Fitness since 2010. Also during this time, Ryan would teach Bootcamp, Kickboxing, and Functional Flexibility classes at Back Bay Fitness (now known as Inspire Fitness).  Ryan has worked at an all women’s facility (Get in Shape for Women) as the head trainer, and a mental rehabilitation center as a Fitness and Wellness counselor.

Today Ryan is the Fitness Coordinator/Strength and Conditioning Coach for Lexington Christian Academy where he oversees the entire Health and Wellness department.  Ryan teaches Physical Education to the students who do not take part in sports, teaches a lecture styled Health Class for the sophomore and junior students, and is the assistant coach to the Varsity Boys Basketball team. Fitness has been a passion for Ryan for many years, building a strong work ethic inside the gym that can still be seen to this day.  Right now, he is studying to get a certification in SCW Boxing to add another dimension to his training style. 



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