Jessica M Garcia

Fitness is more than just a “look” — fitness is a state of mind that encompasses mental and physical self-care, self-belief, and self-improvement. I believe that the most important thing we can do to take care of both our mind and body is to create healthy, sustainable habits that will last a lifetime.

Through my time coaching at commercial and college gyms, I have worked with regular moms and dads, young professionals, seniors, and semi-pro and student athletes. I can help you lose weight, prevent and/or rehabilitate injuries, develop functional and occupational strength, and enhance your sport performance. In addition, I specialize in helping women challenge the unfortunate stereotypes that lifting weights will make them “bulky” and that the gym is intimidating and not for them. Strength is for everyone, and I encourage my female clients to explore their potential and surprise themselves with just how extraordinarily strong they can be. I believe that personal training affords my clients a unique opportunity to develop consistency and take control of their health in a comfortable environment!

Client Testimonials

“Jessica has been not only an amazing trainer but an amazing influence on my overall fitness development. She has helped me grow exponentially in terms of strength and confidence. When I first started coming to see her, I could hardly do a squat correctly with my body weight and now I am squatting with progressively heavier weights as well as different squat technique variations. I have gone from not knowing how to correctly do the most basic lifts to being able to do them with a weight I never imagined I would be able to lift on my own. It has been a great joy training with Jessica, and she makes every session difficult, challenging, and extremely enjoyable. She can help you reach your fitness goals and make you have a good time while working out. I can easily say working with her has been one of the best decisions I have made!”

Training with Jessica has been one of my favorite gym experiences in my life. She is so dedicated in curating a specific workout plan for each of her clients, and catering to their needs. I wasn’t so thrilled about weightlifting- mostly because I had a huge misunderstanding about it- but through our training sessions, I was able to get a much better understanding of what it meant to weight lift. Jessica was so encouraging and pushed me to do my best and to keep going. She encouraged me to go bigger with weights and continuously gave feedback on improvements as well as highlighting things that were done well. She also paid close attention to my form and how I was doing the specific exercises. She explained in detail what I was going to do that day, what muscles are being targeted, and if I was struggling with something, she altered the exercise to accommodate. Jessica has made me enjoy working out- of course the pain afterwards was bittersweet- I was always looking forward to training with her. She is so sweet, encouraging, funny, and overall an excellent trainer. I recommend her to anyone who is trying to find a personal trainer that truly cares about their client. 

“I had never worked with a personal trainer until I started working with Jessica!  I thought I knew how to do a squat but soon realized it was not correct at all. She really helped me with my form and showed me how to perform the exercises, always encouraging and critiquing me to keep proper form at times. She challenged me and I felt good about myself. I worked with her for 9 months regularly until she graduated and pursued her personal training career full time.  I would love the opportunity to work with her again and I totally and enthusiastically recommend her. She is terrific.”

“I hadn’t been to a gym in over three years when a close friend recommended Jessica to me, and getting to work with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As both a previously gym-avoidant person and a recently out trans woman who’s only just started pursuing her body goals over the past 6 months, Jessica has been an amazingly supportive and helpful trainer, resource, and presence in my life and I cannot recommend working with her highly enough!”

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