Specialty Equipment

Are you ready for some serious gains?

We have all the tools you need to reach your goals! In addition to your standard gym equipment, we proudly have a wide selection of some of the best specialty equipment, including the only Wenning Strength Belt Squat in the state of MA.

Wenning Strength Belt Squat
  • Trusted internationally in professional and college weight rooms
  • Squat with perfect form and no low back or shoulder pain
  • Tone, strengthen, and develop your lower body
  • Minimize your risk of injury and maximize your results
  • Versatile for squats, deadlifts, rows, and more!
EliteFTS Cambered Football Bar
  • Weighs 38 lb
  • Same variable grip setup and versatility as the regular Football Bar
  • Cambered midsection promotes deeper muscle fiber engagement
  • Build your chest with an extra stretch at the bottom of your bench press
EliteFTS Safety Squat Bar
  • Weighs 65 lb
  • Perform back squats without shoulder pain or discomfort
  • Cushioned padding is perfect for working around upper body injuries
  • Angled frame makes the upper back, core, and glutes work harder
Trap Bar
  • Weighs 45 lb
  • Deadlift with less stress on the  low back
  • Unique hexagonal design distributes weight evenly around the body
  • As of 2020 the trap bar deadlift is now part of the US Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)
  • Each of our six ⅝” chains weighs 20 lb
  • Add resistance on bodyweight exercises such as pullups, chinups, pushups, or dips
  • Add accommodating resistance on barbell exercises such as squat, bench, and deadlift
EliteFTS Football Bar
  • Weighs 40 lb
  • Reduce shoulder and elbow pain from bench pressing 
  • Four different grip widths afford biomechanically optimal alignment and build grip strength
  • Versatile for bench press, overhead press, rows, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and more!
Hammer Grip Football Bar
  • Weighs 20 lb
  • Similar variable grip setup and versatility as the other football bars
  • Lighter, hollow frame is ideal for beginner lifters
EliteFTS Axel Bar
  • Weighs 55 lb
  • Colloquially dubbed the “fat bar” in Strongman competitions
  • Formidable 2 ⅜” thickness compared to a regular barbell
  • Develop grip strength while relieving stress on sore shoulders and elbows
  • Versatile for any barbell exercise
Women’s Olympic/CrossFit Competition Bar
  • Precisely calibrated at a weigh of 15 kg (approx. 33 lb)
  • Slightly shorter, lighter, and thinner than a regular 45 lb barbell
  • Useful option for folks with smaller frames or hands
Bumper Plates
  • 3 pairs of 45 lb bumper plates
  • 1 pair of 25 lb bumper plates
  • 1 pair of 10 lb bumper plates
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