COVID-19 Update

Per the orders of Governor Baker and the Town of Arlington, we will be closed from Tuesday March 17th — Monday April 6th. We will keep you updated with any news. 

Please remember that cancelling your gym membership in panic and impulse makes it harder for us as a small business to remain open. As is our slogan, “Not Your Typical Gym”, we pride ourselves on being unlike our larger corporate counterparts and providing you with a friendly atmosphere and clean equipment that you have come to grow and love. You can show your support for us during these times by not cancelling or freezing your gym membership if you are financially able. 

If you want your account to be credited for the amount of time that you missed please stop by the front desk and speak with Dave when the gym re-opens.

Please remember that this too shall pass, and when it does, your health and immune system will thank you when you return to regular exercise.  We appreciate your support and wish you all good health!

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