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29 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02474

781- 648-LIFE (5433)

  Mon - Fri: 5am - 10pm
  Sat and Sun: 6am-6pm

We take pride in our club; equipping it with the latest fitness technology, staffing it with the most talented professionals and maintaining an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone. We are driven by our mission: We have a passion for improving quality of life through fitness, wellness, and fun.

Our Vision
We are a dynamic organization with a passion for delivering leading fitness and wellness experiences that will have a positive impact on the health and happiness of our members and guests. Through cutting edge programming, exceptional facilities and high quality products delivered by a professional and supportive staff, we are able to improve overall quality of life.

Our mission is predicated upon a set of high quality personalized programs and services which are delivered by a superbly trained professional staff whose professional and motivational skills are state-of-the-art. Unwavering dedication to our corporate values is the best assurance of superior performance.

Quality: There is no substitute for quality. We will not pursue any project if quality will be compromised. Nor will we be satisfied unless our programs and services are the best available. We will continue to do everything possible to make them better.

Customers: Our most important constituency is our customers. Without them we would not have a business. We must assure that every program we offer, every service we provide and every decision we make contributes to our goal of unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Employees: Our most important asset is our employees. Without them, we cannot serve our customers. We must assure that our employees are challenged, motivated to be creative and productive and have every opportunity to advance in their careers to the extent of their abilities.

Success for our company will be evident in the collective measurement of our individual accomplishments. Every person among us possesses the tools to contribute and the power to make a difference.

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